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      作者:北京翻譯公司-譯幫翻譯    日期:2018-03-19


      1.民間文化 folk culture

      2.民族文化 national culture

      3.民族自豪 national pride

      4.文化多樣性 cultural diversity

      5.文化軟實力 cultural soft power

      6.傳統文化知識 traditional cultural know-how

      7.對外文化貿易 international cultural trade

      8.文化寶藏 cultural treasures

      9.文化產業cultural industry

      10.文化創新 cultural innovation

      11.文化視點 cultural perspective

      12.文化遺跡 cultural relics

      13.文化重建 cultural reconstruction

      14.文化自覺 cultural awareness

      15.思想道德建設 raise ideological and ethical standards

      16.文化產業基地 cultural industrial base

      17.文化傳播渠道 channels of cultural transmission

      18.文化體制改革 cultural restructuring

      19.骨干文化企業 leading/key cultural enterprises

      20.文化資源整合 integration of cultural resources

      21.新興文化業態 emerging cultural formats

      22.改造落后的文化 transform the backward culture

      23.民間工藝品 folk arts and crafts

      24.世界文化遺產地 world cultural heritage site

      25.重大文化產業項目 major cultural industrial projects

      26.文化下鄉長效機制 long-term mechanism for developing culture in rural areas

      27.吸收外國文化有益成果 absorb the achievements of foreign cultures

      28.無為而治 letting nature take its own course/govern by noninterference

      29.鄉土文化 native culture

      30.炎黃子孫 a Chinese descendant

      31.以德行仁 practice humanity with virtue

      32.中國意識 Chineseness

      33.中國元素 Chinese elements

      34.中庸之道 doctrine of the mean

      35.慎言敏行 diligent in duties and careful in speech

      36.十二生肖 Chinese Zodiac

      37.思維方式 the way of thinking

      38.八股文 eight-legged; official stereotyped writing

      39.本命年 one’s animal year

      40.道德觀 moral value

      41.翰林院 Imperial Academy

      42.和為貴 harmony is most precious

      43.禮之本 essence of the rites

      44.二十四節氣 24 solar terms

      45.天干地支 Heavenly Stems and Earthy Branches

      46.天人合一 unity of man and nature

      47.天下為公 the world or country for all

      48.農耕文化 farming culture

      49.善養浩氣 skillful in nourishing virtual force

      50.仁之本 the foundation of harmony

      51.孝與敬 filial piety and reverence

      52.敬老慈幼 respect the old and love the young

      53.孔孟之道 Confucius-Mencius doctrines

      54.孔子學院 Confucius Institute

      55.禮樂文化 rites and music culture

      56.禮儀之邦 a land of ceremony and decorum

      57.禮義廉恥 Courtesy, Justice, Integrity and Sense of Shame

      58.民本思想 populist ideas

      59.墨家學派 the Mohist school

      60.隋唐佛教 the Buddhist philosophy during Sui and Tang dynasties

      61.《道德經》Tao Te Ching

      62.傳統美德 traditional virtues

      63.傳統文化 traditional culture

      64.風土人情 local conditions and customs

      65.剛柔并濟 combination of softness and hardness

      66.和諧文化 harmonious culture

      67.精神文明 spiritual civilization

      68.紅色中國 socialist China

      69.《弟子規》Disciples Regulation

      70.《百家姓》The Book of Family Names


      北京翻譯公司,專業翻譯公司,權威翻譯公司,翻譯機構,正規翻譯公司 13911843996

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